Sun, Beach, Sand and History : ANTALYA

Antalya is one of the most visited city of the World and located in Southern Turkey. If you love Sun or History, Churches or Mosques, Caves or Waterfalls you can find all of them in here. Antalya is a most preferred city by tourists in Mediterrenian Sea.

Let's go and look some nice places ;

Saint Nicholas Church (Kale - Demre)

Myra (Demre) is known as the place where Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus (Father Christmas) in Christianity world, had performed his duty as a bishop. Moreover the church was constructed during 6th century as a memorial to Saint Nicholas after his death.

Lara – Konyaaltı Beaches

Lara beach is approximately 10 km at the east of the city center whereas Konyaaltı beach is 3 km west of the city center. The beaches are the best coasts of the city.


The ancient city, 48 km east of Antalya, is famous for its antique theatre, probably the best preserved in Asia Minor.

It is still in use today, and stages the annual Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival every summer with a capacity of 15,000 people. It was the scene of a huge bloody battle between the Persians and the Greeks in 469 BC, and then ruled by the Spartans 120 years later. The city became part of the Seleucid kingdom after the death of Alexander the Great, and then became part of the Roman province of Asia in 133 BC.
The famous theatre was built by Zenon in the 2nd century A.D., using a Roman design, and it is still intact.

In addition to the theatre, there is an acropolis on a hilltop, of which the nymphaeum and basilica are still fairly intact.

Manavgat Waterfall

If you travel 5 km from Side toward Alanya and turn north and go another 4 km you will come to Manavgat Waterfall. Here you can have your lunch or just have some tea or cold beer in the coolness of the place. You can taste very tasty trout caught right here in this river.

Aya Yorgi Church (Alanya)

It is thought that the church within the Alanya Castle was constructed by Byzantium during 6th century A. D.

Geyikbayırı Cavern 

The cavern is at the Geyikbayırı village which is 26 km to Antalya. In order to reach Geyikbayırı village, the way of Çakırlar may be used. To reach the cavern, you have to walk just 5 minutes from the center of the village.

The deepest point of the cave is about 120m. The cavern is precious enough for cave tourism. It is completely dry in summer months. The temperature inside the cavern is mostly cool according to the open air in summer. In autumn, the temperature displays equivalence.

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