Why Hand Stitching ?

The Andezia definition of handmade is : Made by Hand. If the subject is Leather, Made by Hand means "No sewing machines or lasers; just hand tools, needles and thread."

Leather goods are only as strong as their stitching. Andezia leather products are hand sewn with a traditional saddle stitch and waxed thread. These threads will be very strong thread, when protected with wax before sewing begins. While it takes a lot more time to sew by hand, the resulting saddle stitch is stronger and more durable than any machine stitch.

Why Hand Stitching? The lock stitch produced by a sewing machine is really two threads running in parallel. Once a thread breaks, the stitch unravels and the seam comes apart. In a saddle stitch, the two threads alternate sides and actually create two lines of stitching. If one of them breaks, the other holds the piece together and the seam holds just fine. A true saddle stitch is not possible on a machine. It must be done stich-by-stitch, with two needles, by hand.


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